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  Anyone can follow The Way of The Dao without structured guidance. There are, however, countless additional resources available to those who chose to cultivate as a collective.

  Members agree to gather together regularly for discussion and practice, we use the collective energy of our group to challenge ourselves, strengthen our bodies and elevate our consciousness.

  Although following The Way requires no temple, no alter, and no leader, when we are together in a group we can hold each other accountable, encourage and support one another, uphold routine schedules, and benefit from the knowledge of our seniors.


  We are a school, a temple, and a community dedicated to our members' overall health and well-being. We seek to educate the community in Wudang Daoism and illuminate the value of Traditional Daoist Arts. We hope to help each individual realize their goals and understand clearly the truly holistic nature of our study.

  We offer our members many material and immaterial resources, including knowledge of and participation in Daoist Medicine, Daoist Health and Wellness practices, Daoist Books, Scriptures, Ceremonies, as well as personal instruction during all of our Educational Classes.

  We encourage our members to make the most of the opportunities we have available to them; from daily classes to monthly ceremonies members are invited to engage in everything we have to offer.


  The process of self-cultivation is a lifelong pursuit. So long as we continue to put in effort to obtain perfection in ourselves, we are all still students of The Dao.

  It is with this in mind that we are not "Masters and Disciples." In this community we view ourselves as teachers and students and the hierarchy is not so strict. There are no enlightened beings, perfected ones, nor prophets here; we all have something to learn from one another and everyone will have their own unique material to contribute.

  As students we all learn from each others' strengths and as teachers we strengthen each others' weaknesses.

  Our Mission is to build an inspiring family and uplifting community.

  Following The Dao is following what is natural. Since prehistoric times, humans have found safety and self-fulfillment within communities. Humans are social, communal beings by nature, all humans thrive in a community that is enriching and committed to the well-being of each individual member.

  To be in harmony with nature, our communities must support each individual holistically: Physically, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually, and Intellectually. These are called the Five Major Aspects of Health and all great community institutions integrate all of these elements. Lesser institutions will uphold one or two of the aspects while forsaking others; this is out of balance and will ultimately lead to disharmony, dissatisfaction and possibly even disease within the members.


  Members play the most significant part of up-keeping our facilities, keeping our lights on and keeping us actively engaged in the local needs of the people in our community.

  Members sharing their ideas and insights broaden the understanding of the group as a whole and, by overcoming obstacles vicariously, each involved member benefits from the progress made by every individual part of the whole. This exchange is vital to our community.

  We are extremely thankful to those who make the commitment to help support us and we pledge our continued, reciprocal support to all of our members.

  If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us for more specific details.

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