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Little Creek Kung Fu Martial Arts Training Center


Our Mission in the City of Petersburg, Va is to build an inspiring family and an uplifting community by supporting holistic health and wellness through the study of The Dao, exercise, meditation, marital arts, and nutrition. Following The Dao, we take little and give much.

We believe that we are ALL still students cultivating the Dao.

The "No Masters" Philosophy:
  We still pursue self-cultivation and put in effort to obtain perfection within ourselves. It is with this in mind that we are teachers and students; not "masters and disciples"

  As students we all learn from each others' strengths and as teachers we strengthen each others' weaknesses.

Little Creek Kung Fu School


Petersburg, Virginia's Daoist Community

  Little Creek is dedicated to it's community's overall well-being, including mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual health. We offer Traditional WuDang Daoist Arts through personalized training focused on helping each individual member realize their unique goals.
  Whatever your aspirations, background, or spiritual approach, we help each member understand the truly holistic nature of our study!

Little Creek Kung Fu Students with WuDang GongFu Master Zhong XueChao


Petersburg, Va 23803

(804) 420 - 2604

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